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Can Using Mouthguards Cause Damage to Your Gums?

What is a Night Guard and What is it for?

A Night guard or occlusal splint is a custom made specially designed removable preventative appliance.  It is designed for people …

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girl with mouthguards

Mouthguards Types and How Are They Made?

The Australian Dental Association strongly recommends the use of custom made professionally fitting sports mouthguards for any contact sports and …

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All About The Periodontal Disease

What is it Periodontal Disease? How does it develop? Periodontal disease is one of the most common diseases of humans …

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implant supported overdentures

What Type of Tooth Implant Procedures Should I Choose And Why?

A tooth implant is one of the more popular choices when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Millions of people …

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implant supported overdentures

What You Need To Know About Different Types Of Dentures

There are several treatment options available to replace your missing teeth. Consulting the dentist is the best thing to do …

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My Kids Teeth Are Turning Yellow – What Do I Do?

Are you beginning to notice your kids teeth turning yellow faster than you expected? It’s not at all surprising to …

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Why Are My Teeth Turning Yellow?

Having white shiny teeth is everybody’s dream. It demonstrates a smiling confidence that makes you feel good about yourself and …

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All About Baby Teeth

Do you know the ideal age to bring your little one to the dentist for the first time? Or the …

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