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Oral health and Genetics

Oral health and Genetics

Understanding the Role of Genetics in Oral Health Genetics plays a significant role in shaping our overall health, and oral …

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Dental Misconceptions: You Don’t Need to Floss

The Importance of Flossing Flossing plays a vital role in oral hygiene by removing plaque and food particles from between …

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Common Dental Myths

Myth: Sugar is the primary cause of cavities While it is true that consuming large amounts of sugar can contribute …

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Beautiful wide smile of young woman. Closeup photo.

Same Day Crowns And The Benefits

Same day crowns have revolutionised the way dental crowns are placed, making the process quicker and more convenient for patients. …

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Cropped image of a smiling female face

What Causes Teeth to Move?

Teeth movement is a natural process that happens for various reasons, such as growth, aging, and even dental procedures. One …

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The woman has a sore ear - infection, inflammation from infection and otitis. Perforation ruptured the eardrum. Arthritis of the temporal lower jaw joint, osteoarthritis and pain in the jaw, mastoiditis.

Temporo-Mandibular Jaw Pain and the Different Types of Treatment Available.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain is a common condition that affects the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. It can cause discomfort, …

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Happy Asian Chinese little girl with toothless smile

Childhood Caries: Causes and Prevention

Childhood caries, also known as tooth decay or cavities, is a common problem among young children. It is important for …

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woman drink protein close up

Protein Shakes and the Effects On Your Teeth.

Protein shakes have become a popular choice for those looking to build muscle and recover quickly after a workout. However, …

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