Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)

Root canal therapy (Endodontics) is required when the pulp within a tooth (the soft tissue part in the center containing nerves and blood vessels) becomes infected or damaged by anything from trauma and cracks to large fillings and decay. The procedure is important as it can prevent a tooth from having to be removed.

During a Root Canal treatment, the tooth is first anaesthetised so an opening can be made to gain access to the inflamed nerve. The nerve is removed using special instruments that are also used to clean and shape the canals. An antibacterial dressing may need to be placed in the canals for one week to kill any bacteria that may be left behind. At the second visit, the canals are further cleaned and filled. The tooth is sealed with a permanent filling. A crown is usually placed to strengthen the tooth, as root canal treatment can leave teeth particularly susceptible to fracture.

If you are experiencing unusual pain or discomfort in your gum, please make an appointment with us for an assessment. By recognising cracks and decay early through regular check ups, we have a far higher chance of avoiding the need for root canal therapy.

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