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Dural Dental Practice Hygienist Blog.

Welcome to my first “BLOG”, it is so exciting to be back writing a blog for such a fabulous practice.

Hygienist … What? Where? Why?

WHAT… A Hygienist plays an important part of the Dental team. Alongside the Dentist and the rest of the staff the Hygienist adds the finishing touches to the team. The Hygienist adds to the preventive aspect of your dental health and will help you maintain your teeth for life.

WHERE… In a professional Dental Practice you will always find a Dental Hygienist supporting the Dentist and maintaining the foundations (BONE HEALTH) of all their patients. A Hygienist has the time and skills, as well as the education to help each patient get in control of the oral hygiene to allow them to have a fuss free dental life.

WHY… Because we love our jobs, yes we do, to be a Dental Hygienist you have to be a special type of person, a person with passion and an eye for detail and patience to listen and care for each patient individually. I have treated many patients who initially have come to visit the Hygiene department not realising what actually goes into an appointment.

PERIODONTAL CHART– a perio chart is an overall chart of your mouth, different from what the Dentist does, this chart shows the team what is happening below the gum surface and if there are any “bone” issues that require treatment. A perio chart should be done at every first appointment and then after diagnosis depending on the outcome the Hygienist will decide when the next one should be done.

ORAL HYGIENE INSTRUCTIONS – we don’t just do oral hygiene instructions for our patients to annoy them. They are important; they are individual to the patient’s age, mouth, manual dexterity, working hours, parenting, university, health and living situations. What may work for one person will certainly not work for another, therefore, a hygienist can pin point these issues and work out a plan to suit each patient’s needs and skills.

SCALE AND CLEAN– A professional clean takes skills patience and time. To be able to clean a patient’s mouth perfectly is hard, it’s not about zipping around the mouth removing whatever we see as every area in the mouth requires a different tool. We live to hear the words, “that was excellent my mouth feels so clean”!

Finally we set a special recall for each patient’s needs. Some may require 3months, 6months, 9months or even once a year, depending on the health of the patient’s mouth and the treatment they require.

So, think hard next time you visit the Dentist and book in to see the Hygienist- be excited, feel privileged and know that you will be getting only the BEST treatment as you know your dental practice is working as a highly efficient team to get the best outcome possible for you and not just your mouth.





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