My Kids Teeth Are Turning Yellow – What Do I Do?

Are you beginning to notice your kids teeth turning yellow faster than you expected? It’s not at all surprising to see this happen if kids do not perform the appopriate kids oral hygiene steps to keep teeth white and healthy.

So, what could be the cause of your kids teeth turning yellow? Is it a serious concern? Well, here are some of the reasons why kids teeth turning yellow happens faster than you expect, and what you as a parent can do about it.

Your Permanent Teeth Are Beginning To Grow

Permanent teeth begin to erupt between the ages of 6 to 7 years, and if they’re beginning to replace baby teeth, yet they’re showing signs of yellow, this is a natural occurrence because adult teeth contain more dentin, which is a yellow material fitted underneath the enamel. As adult teeth erupt, the enamel becomes more transparent, but this doesn’t mean that their teeth are erupting to show a yellow smile. The enamel will strengthen and the teeth will calcify to portray a white smile when the teeth have grown.

Not Brushing Teeth Consistently

An important step in a strong and consistent oral routine is to brush teeth twice, once when waking up and at night. It is easy for kids to avoid brushing their teeth as most see it as a chore. It is the parents responsibility to ensure kids at a young age continue to brush their teeth regularly until it becomes a natural daily life step. If kids avoid brushing their teeth, teeth will turn yellow and dental plaque can coat their teeth, impacting the shade of their smile.

Weak And Thin Enamel

When enamel grows wearker, teeth will turn yellow because the underlying dentin becomes exposed. Kids enamel needs more care compared to adult teeth, especially if their teeth are still growing. There are many steps you can take to ensure kids teeth do not go through cavities.

What Can I Do As A Parent To Protect Kids Teeth?

To avoid the above from happening, as a parent, ensure that your kids teeth remain healthy by making sure habits are performed to keep their teeth white.

  • Teach your kid(s) the right habits so they can adopt them naturally when they grow up. This includes brushing teeth regularly and keeping their mouth clean after eating
  • Avoid regular treats such as sweet and candy. Keep it in moderation
  • Ditch the pacifier as soon as possible as sucking on this can cause teeth to grow awkwardly and not straight
  • Avoid juice and replace it with water

If you’re seeking support with your kids teeth turning yellow, or your teeth are turning yellow and you want to address it, why not check yourself in with Dural Dental today for an appointment?

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