Reduce Your Sugar Intake For Better Teeth

It is common knowledge that high levels of sugar damages teeth. Those pleasant treats that satisfy us whilst may be tasty, but the more we consume it, the more damage it does to your oral health.

There is a direct correlation between sugar and tooth decay. The molecules can combine with saliva, bacteria and sugar and form dental plaque on teeth. This can also lead to cavities.

Let’s learn how sugar damages your teeth.

sugar damages teeth

Harmful Bacteria

Harmful bacteria penetrating the mouth can cause tooth decay and expose your enamel as well. Saliva and bacteria, with the sugar, can combine together to cause dental plaque build-up. Plaque can accumulate to dissolve the enamel and cause a cavity (a tiny opening) to form. A cavity is one of the first stages of tooth decay, and the more harmful bacteria penetrates, the higher the chance of tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Decay

A dental cavity can permanently damage areas on your teeth. When teeth decay, it is likely the remains of the tooth will need to be saved through root canal treatment, or tooth extraction if the tooth has become severely decayed and cannot be repaired. Collection of pus liquid, also known as a dental abscess, may also develop.

The Foods That Contain High Sugar Volumes

If you’re consuming the following food and drink, then your sugar volumes are high:

  • Sodas And Wine – Sodas contain high volumes of sugar preservatives, and also tannins which can stain your teeth.
  • Candy Sweets – If you regularly consume candy, then your teeth are in significant danger. Candy is also chewy, meaning they’re more likely to become stuck on your teeth and trigger a high build-up of bacteria.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol contains traces of sugar, and if you’re a high alcohol drinker, this could cause damage to your teeth in the long term. Alcohol also causes dry mouth linked to low saliva production. Saliva is an important protection tool for your enamel.
a lady choosing between fad or healthy diet

What Should You Eat?

Replace sugars with some healthy choices. Start by reducing your sugar intake levels. Eventually, begin to alter your diet by replacing these options with vegetables containing calcium and phosphate for stronger enamel. Also, start drinking more water throughout the day. This will keep your enamel strong but also keep your mouth clean. Click here to learn more.

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