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Understanding Good And Bad Bacteria In The Mouth

When you hear the ‘word’ bacteria, many people interpret this as a bad thing. Well, your mouth has good and bad bacteria, and healthy bacteria can be accumulated to keep your mouth clean.

By the word bacteria, it means that microorganisms protect you from producing bad microorganisms that can cause disease, by digesting food and promoting energy stores.

What Is Meant By Good And Bacteria In The Mouth?

Good or healthy bacteria in the mouth is exactly what it says. It reduces bad bacteria and reduces the chances of it multiplying in the mouth. Good bacteria ensure that your teeth remain strong and for your breath to remain fresh. Here are some tips on how to continue to promote healthy bacteria in the mouths.

  • Brush And Floss Your Teeth – The soft bristles on your toothbrush will collect bacteria off your teeth. Flossing also helps to remove stubborn food particles that become stuck in between teeth.
  • Tongue Scraping Tongue scraping can help reduce a bad odour in the mouth accumulate by food remains. Keep your breath fresh and your tongue clean through tongue scraping
  • Remain Hydrated – Staying hydrated will ensure your saliva levels remain high. Saliva protects your mouth by digesting any food debris.
  • Start Eating Plant-Based Foods – The nutrients that plant-based foods have such as calcium promote better oral health. Avoiding sugars and fad diets can limit acid and the build-up of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Avoid Smoking – Bad bacteria feed in the mouth through smoking.

Bad bacteria in the mouth can become harmful and build up if your oral routine isn’t strong enough. When harmful bacteria penetrate the mouth, you may also be at risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Bacteria can combine with dental plaque build-up to cause cavities as well.

Here are some other reasons as to why bad bacteria in the mouth can cause harm to your oral health.

  • Not Brushing Your Teeth – If you do not brush your teeth, bacteria will build up inside the mouth. Brushing twice a day would ensure your mouth stays clean, especially after you’ve eaten.
  • Bacteria On The Tongue – Bacteria naturally lands on your tongue after eating food, causing bad breath.
  • Gum Disease – Dental plaque contains harmful bacterial substances. Whilst some bacteria may be less harmful, some can damage the health of your gums. Brushing teeth to remove the plaque is important to avoid gum recession or irritation
  • Eating Fad Diets – Eating fad diets can become dangerous to your oral health because sugars and bacteria can combine to cause an acid attack. This can damage your enamel.
bacteria cells

What You Can Do…

Controlling bad bacteria in the mouth is achievable, simply by performing the right oral health habits outlined above. Undertaking the basic fundamentals of an oral routine whilst feeding your enamel with the right nutrients will leave your smile in good stead. Eating the right foods will also ensure of strong production of saliva. This will keep the good bacteria in the mouth.

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