What is a Night Guard and What is it for?

A Night guard or occlusal splint is a custom made specially designed removable preventative appliance.  It is designed for people who grind their teeth, have a history of pain and dysfunction associated with their bite or temporomandibular jaw joints.  It is also designed to treat bruxism (grinding), and other jaw-related injuries. It also shields any dental work, including fillings, dentures, and restorations, from these grinding clenching forces.  The night guard covers the biting surface of the teeth.  Without a night guard people who clench and grind their teeth will develop tooth cracks and can fracture teeth.

Jaw joint disorders

Jaw joint disorders are normally the result of a dysfunction of the jaw joint. The night guard takes a multifaceted approach to solving the problem. Jaw disorders cause muscles in the face and jaw to tense, lock, and spasm. Our night guards provide relief by shifting your jaw into a position that encourages relaxation and pressure relief. In addition, it provides a bite plane that serves as a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth. The bite surface is designed to have evenly distributed biting contacts. In other words, all the teeth should make contact with the guard. This way, when you begin to grind your teeth or clench your jaw, the splint shields your teeth from damage.

When should the splint be worn?

The splint is worn at night when sleeping. This is because many people clench or grind their teeth in their sleep without even knowing.

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