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What Type of Tooth Implant Procedures Should I Choose And Why?

A tooth implant is one of the more popular choices when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Millions of people choose tooth implants due to how natural it looks. No matter if you’re missing a front tooth or a molar, a tooth implant is a very satisfying cosmetic treatment choice for permanent results.

One of the blemishes of tooth implants is their cost. They’re quite expensive, and this is a key factor for many people who are seeking a cosmetic replacement. Although, the reason why people fork out for tooth implants is because of the benefits it provides which can easily outweigh how much an implant may cost.

Why Choose Tooth Implants?

It is always important to understand the pros and cons of tooth implants before going through the procedure. Below are some key points to think about when choosing tooth implants.

  • They Look Natural – One of the key reasons why tooth implants are chosen over other cosmetic treatments is because of the natural look and feel they deliver. 
  • Supports Mouth Functioning – Compared to other treatments like dentures which have a profound impact on chewing and speaking, implants do not deliver such problems. You will obtain clearer speech and eat your favourite foods.
  • Smiling Confidence – Patients are more likely to feel confident with a natural tooth replacement compared to those that are vulnerable, such as dentures, which can become loose over time. 
  • Strong Oral Health – Dental implants are standalone, compared to dentures where, depending on the type you choose, they need to be clasped to your natural teeth. Tooth implants are infused into the jawbone for a stable, strong fit.
  • They Indicate Strong Bone – When a tooth is absent, the bone will weaken and disintegrate. This is known as bone resorption

What Are The Different Types Of Tooth Implant Procedures

Whether you’re missing single or multiple teeth, tooth implant procedures cater for all kinds of concerns. Below breaks down the available tooth implant procedures available:

Replacing A Single Tooth

Tooth implants are mostly used if you need a single tooth replacement. The titanium post is infused into the jawbone, and the prosthetic crown is fitted on top of the abutment. The abutment is what connects the crown to the implant. Once healed, the replacement will look natural.

Replacing Several Teeth With An Implant-Supported Bridge

When you’re missing teeth that are adjacent to each other, the best option is to have an implant-supported bridge. A bridge comprises two crowns applied to either side an artificial tooth that holds the crowns up. The artificial tooth in the middle isn’t held up by an implant, but an attachment against the two crowns on either side.

Replacing All Teeth With An Implant-Retain Denture

If all or majority of your teeth are missing, an implant-retained denture is a good option. A denture comprises multiple artificial teeth resting on the gum line to deliver an appearance of a full set of teeth. Dentures are removable but are also quite vulnerable because they can loosen and fall out.

Fixing a denture with an implant is the best solution. A denture is fastened to the tooth implants as a secure custom-denture that is secure in the mouth.

Which Should I Choose?

It is recommended that you consult your dentist first before deciding on the best tooth implant procedure that works for you. The dentist may uncover problems with multiple teeth which require replacing. This may lead to having multiple implants.

Make a collective decision that benefits your oral health for longer. Consult your dentist Dural today and get started on your implant journey!

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