Why Are My Teeth Turning Yellow?

Having white shiny teeth is everybody’s dream. It demonstrates a smiling confidence that makes you feel good about yourself and others around you. Having white and shiny teeth isn’t something thats easy to maintain thought. With stong oral health and a lifestyle that caters to keeping your teeth strong and healthy, the results will show in your teeth.

Can white teeth remain throughout your life? Well, as we naturally age, our oral health will begin to slowly degrade with our teeth turning yellow. How fast or slow it does this it dependent on how well you look after your teeth and gums. Tooth enamel, which is located at front surface of your teeth, is designed to protect your smile from infection and disease. Although, it is your tooth enamel that naturally wears away with age. This means your teeth will become vulnerable to tooth decay.

How Can I Reduce Degrading Tooth Enamel?

Tooth decay is something thats common amongst many people, but this is particularly due to how well or poor teeth and gums are looked after. For example, consuming the wrong nutrients such as high volumes of sugar and starch in your diet contributes to enamel erosion. Erosion is the process of where your enamel becomes weaker, exposing the underlying dentin.

What Is The Dentin?

The dentin is situated beneath the enamel as the middle layer. When the dentin is exposed owing to your enamel becoming weaker, the dentin’s tubules (small holes) allows acidic properties to damage nerves and cells inside the tooth.

When your enamel becomes thin, the dentin begins to show. The dentin is a yellow material inside your teeth. When its exposed, yellow or a darker shade of teeth begin to appear in your smile.

Why Are My Teeth Turning Yellow?

The enamel is too weak to protect the dentin and, therefore, teeth turning yellow will increase. As your enamel becomes weaker, your tooth shade may get darker. The enamel isn’t receiving the right nutrients for it to remain strong and protect your smile, such as calcium and phosporous in your diet.

How Can I Keep My Teeth White For As Long As Possible?

If you’re unhappy with your smile, there are many steps you can take to strengthen your enamel and get those pearly whites to shine.

  • Reduce the amount of sugar and starch in your diet, and replace it with enamel-strengthening nutrients such as green vegetables, dairy, dry nuts and fortified cereals.
  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day to ensure any bacteria build-up is reduced
  • Keep your mouth clean throughout the day. This includes using water to swish away any food debris after you’ve eaten
  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Speak to your dentist to resolve any dental conditions that may impact your teeth, such as teeth grinding

If you’re seeking support with your enamel to avoid you or your kids teeth turning yellow quickly, why not check yourself in with Dural Dental today for an appointment?

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