Habits That Can Stain Your Teeth

Knowledge is key to knowing what causes yellow-stained teeth.  

Below is a list of the most common contributing factors to stained teeth.

  • Drinking red wine 
  • Coffee and black tea  
  • Eating yellow or red curries
  • Beetroot 
  • Blueberries, blackberries
  • Soy sauce 
  • Liquid iron supplements contribute to the staining of teeth
  • Smoking 

Things to Help Prevent Stained Teeth

To reduce the effects, try not to consume the beverages and foods over a long period of time and drink lots of water in between.  

Drink through a straw.

Don’t hold the food or drink in your mouth before you swallow.

Quit smoking as this also leads to gum disease and oral cancer, the sooner you quit the sooner your body can recover and the less stain build up on your teeth.

Brush and floss regularly and after consumption.

Have regular dental check-ups and cleans.

Talk to your dental clinician about whitening which will lift all external teeth stains.

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