Sleep Dentistry

We are pleased and excited to introduce Sleep Dentistry (Sedation) to Dural Dental Practice!

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

sleep dentistry

Sleep dentistry often referred to as twilight sleep or twilight sedation is a form of sedation achieved with the combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs. The intravenous sedation is administered and supervised by an experienced medical doctor/ anaesthetist.

The drugs create a deep, calming relaxing effect for the entire duration of your dental procedure. During this time you will be unaware of, and undisturbed by the noises, tastes, sights and smells of the dental procedure, or of the needles, drilling or instruments in the mouth. There will be no pain, anxiety or discomfort. However, you will still be able to cooperate with the dentist when asked and drift off again with no recollection of the treatment being performed.

This will be ideally suited for:

  • anyone above the age of 12, who are anxious or nervous
  • anyone experiencing difficulty with getting numb (anaesthesia)
  • anyone with a strong gag reflex
  • anyone needing one long dental appointment to get complicated work (such multiple fillings, wisdom teeth extractions)


  • Reliable sedation without the loss of consciousness as in a general anaesthetic
  • Pain free
  • Good patient co-operation with verbal contact if needed
  • Amnesia, that patient has no recollection of the treatment performed
  • One single visit rather than multiple visits
  • No need for a hospital visit, treatment can be performed in the dental chair
  • Medicare rebate available

Disadvantages / Side Effects:

  • Drowsiness
  • No driving for 24hrs

Preparations before your appointment?

  • Fasting – nothing to eat for 6 hours before your scheduled appointment
  • Nothing to drink for 2 hours before your appointment
  • Take medications as per normal except for diabetic medications – further consultation with anaesthetist will be required
  • Loose comfortable clothing

Aftercare Instructions:

  • You must be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • No driving for 24hrs

If you are anxious/ nervous about dental treatment or cannot tolerate dental treatment, “Sleep Dentistry” could be an option for you. Please make an appointment with one of the dentists at Dural Dental Practice to discuss this further and to commence the dental treatment you have been avoiding.

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